IVEK – Institute of Process Engineering, Energy Engineering and Climate Protection

IVEK, headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Lüdersen, is a competent partner and service provider for companies and public institutions with its expertise and test and test bench equipment.It offers process engineering and energy system solutions and develops or optimises industrial processes taking into account the use of energy and resources. The provision, efficient conversion and the best possible distribution of energy as well as processes of mechanical and thermo-chemical process engineering are in the focus and take into account the respective energy resource availability, especially in the use of renewable energies. IVEK is primarily active in the field of "sustainable management and energy", whereby socio-economic aspects are also included.

The scientists at IVEK have a high level of expertise in the fields of energy generation, power plant technology, energy optimisation, solar-electric and solar-thermal energy conversion and energy storage, as well as a user-oriented understanding of processes for energy load distribution and optimisation in industrial applications and resource efficiency.



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