Laboratory for environmental analysis, bioprocess engineering and chemistry

Tracking down substances analytically in water, soil and air


In each semester, various laboratory experiments are offered. The students get to know different instrumental analytical methods that are widely used in industry.

In environmental analysis, experiments are carried out onspectroscopic iron determination with atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) or emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES), photometric nitrate determination in waste water in comparison between DIN standard and cuvette rapid test and the determination of waste water parameters (BOD, COD), among others.

In the bioprocess engineering laboratory, mainly project-oriented work takes place on the topics of beer brewing, biogas production and the use and effects of microorganisms in processes.

The focus of project-oriented work is on the application of acquired theoretical knowledge in manageable projects that are planned and carried out independently. The students decide independently on the goal of the project and are supported in the practical implementation.

In the experiments in the basic chemical laboratory, exemplary chemical reactions are carried out and analytical methods are practically tested by the students. The focus is on electrochemical examinations that are relevant for explaining corrosion processes in advanced materials science.

Interesting techniques

Chromatographic measuring devices

Spectroscopic measuring devices such as AAS and ICP

Biogas systems (solid and liquid fermenters)



In addition to laboratory lectures, interdisciplinary student projects and Bachelor's theses are also carried out in the laboratories, e.g. in the case of questions from industrial production for the investigation of auxiliary and operating materials in production.

Methods are developed or applied for the determination of

  • Plasticisers
  • Hydrocarbon index
  • Fatty acids
  • Organic solvents
  • Beer ingredients
  • Particle sizes and concentrations in fluids
  • Corrosion products

The team

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