Process Engineering, Energy Engineering and Environmental Engineering (VEU)

How are toothpaste, chocolate, bioplastics or medicines produced? How can the energy needs of our future be met? How can we further develop energy storage systems? Or how is delicious beer brewed? Answers to these not entirely unimportant questions are provided by our degree course at the Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

The Bachelor's degree course in Process Engineering, Energy Engineering and Environmental Engineering (VEU) is suitable for all young people who enjoy and are interested in the conversion of substances and materials in process engineering, regenerative energy technologies and in energy technologies and storage technologies for tomorrow's energy supply.


Brief overview

  • Degree

    Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

  • Start of studies

    Summer and winter semester

  • Subject group
    Mathematics, Informatik, Biologie, Chemie, Physik, Technik, Maschinenbau, Wirtschaft
  • Form of study


  • Admissions procedure

    free admission

  • Field of interest
    MINT, Mechanical engineering, Energie, Umwelt, Food, Prozessmanagement, Business
  • Focal Themes
    • Verfahrenstechnik und Umwelttechnik
    • Energietechnik
  • Pre-study internship

    10 wöchiges Praktikum bis zum Beginn des 3. Semesters
    Bitte achten Sie auf die Sonderregelungen während der Corona-Pandemie.

VEU - Bachelor .... and everything is possible!

.... either a consecutive course with our

Master’s degree course in PEP



Working in various fields of activity

, e.g.

  • in the production and service sector
  • in the process and operational management of process-engineering and/or energy-engineering systems
  • Engineering and commissioning of plants and equipment for the conversion of raw materials and energy
  • Planning and design as well as commissioning of production and supply technology system
  • Engineering development of process engineering, energy engineering and environmental engineering for the supply industry
  • Services in engineering offices
  • In authorities, associations, standardisation committees, etc.

Presentation of the VEU degree course in the film portal of the Federal Employment Agency


VEU - Technology that will inspire you!

Course of studies

The first part of the course teaches the basics of mechanical engineering, which are the same for all students.


Your decision after the 3rd semester for VEU is made according to your interests and abilities.


Focus points of the course