Brewing cellar

Beer - a combination of natural products, care and technology

Main activities of the Brau AG

  • Planning of brewing processes including procurement of raw materials
  • Carrying out the accompanying analysis
  • Brewing on the large-scale system (100 L)
  • Testing of new recipes (10 L)

Brau AG

We, the Brau AG of the Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts, are a team consisting of students from different disciplines. In addition to a passion for beer enjoyment, we are united by a curiosity about the optimal transformation of natural raw materials to the finished product.

In the brewing cellar, we have the opportunity to develop ideas for new beer creations and implement them in initial trials on a 10-litre scale. Once a recipe is fully developed, it finds its way to the large-scale brewery (100 L). We regularly support the events of the AStA at the Linden campus with our beers and also serve them at other festivities at the university, so that we achieve a production volume of about 2,000 litres per year. Our annual highlight is our participation in the international brewing competition of colleges and universities at the Technical University of Hamburg, which we were even able to win in 2018.

In teaching, beer brewing flows into the laboratory course of the elective module Bioprocess Engineering. This module is offered for VEU students as well as for other degree courses and can be selected as an in-depth module in the 6th semester. In this laboratory course, mainly project-oriented work takes place, in which the focus is on the application of the previously acquired theoretical knowledge. In manageable projects, which are planned and carried out independently, the students decide independently on the goal of the project, whereby they are supported in the practical implementation.

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Types of beer

Exmatrikulator (export beer, since 2014)

Balrog (smoked beer, since 2018)

Campus Flitzer (festival beer, from the end of 2019)



  • Malt mill (60 kg/h)
  • Brewing plant (fsm company) consisting of
    • Mash / brew vessel (110 L) with electric jacket heating (6 kW), lid with stirrer, PT100 combination sensor (temperature + filling level)
    • 2 lauter/fermentation vessels (130 L) with cooling jacket, two removable lauter strainers and lid
    • Automatic control unit
    • Plate heat exchanger (1000 L/h)
    • 2 beer pressure vessels (140 L, Speidel) with cooling jacket and bunging device
  • Cooling cell (1.7 m x 1.7 m x 2.16 m, temperature: 012 °C)
  • Counterpressure combi-filler for drum filling
  • Counterpressure combi-filler for bottling
  • Brewmaster (10 L, Speidel) for testing new recipes
  • Various spindles for determining the original wort (0 to 20 °Plato)
  • Anton Paar DMA 4500M + Alcolyzer Beer ME for the determination of
    • density
    • Alcohol contents
    • Original extract


The team