Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering (Technical Sales) dual (WTD)

Technical sales is a general term for the sales organisation of companies in the capital goods and supplier industry. In these industries, the sale of goods requiring explanation takes place, for which sales staff must have skills and experience in different areas. The technical knowledge of an engineer, the experience of a business economist or marketing specialist and the skills of a salesperson are required. The purchasing counterpart to the sales engineer is the engineer working in procurement, who also combines technical and commercial expertise and methodological skills.

The aim of the degree course is to obtain a Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) degree and the qualification to take up a Master's degree course. For the course, the contents were developed together with cooperating industrial companies, which cover the required methodological and technical knowledge.


Brief overview

  • Degree

    Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

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    das Bewerbungsportal der Hochschule Hannover
  • Start of studies

    Winter semester

  • Form of study


  • Admissions procedure

    free admission

  • Field of interest
  • Pre-study internship

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Dual degree course

Linking higher education and in-company training

The degree course is linked with in-company and inter-company training. During the 1st first part of the degree course, students spend three days a week in company training and additionally during the lecture-free period. The knowledge required for successful completion of training at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) is imparted during training at the vocational school (BBS).

The 1st part of the course ends after four semesters. At the same time, the training is completed with the IHK examination. The 2nd The second part of the course consists of two semesters of full-time education and one semester for the Bachelor's thesis.

During the lecture-free period between the 6th and 7th semesters, students spend approximately six weeks studying at a partner university abroad (summer session). Business administration content is taught in English according to the Anglo-Saxon style. This stay is sponsored by the companies.

Contact persons

Course Director

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Students are selected by the partner companies. The prerequisite for the course is therefore an additional training contract with one of these companies.

Future employment opportunities

In the company, the WTD engineers are offered a wide range of activities at the interface of technology and business. The majority of WTD graduates will be employed in sales and procurement. Despite this specialisation, they can also be employed in other areas where both mechanical engineering and business skills are required.

Typical fields of activity for graduates of the Bachelor's degree course in Industrial Engineering (Technical Sales) (dual) include:

  • Technical sales;
  • Procurement;
  • Logistics;
  • Project management.