Refrigeration and air conditioning laboratory

Fresh air and a good climate


Basic laboratory for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology in the field of building services engineering and building automation. In addition to the laws for humid air, a refrigeration and air conditioning system is examined here in a practical manner and its mode of operation is studied in depth.

In each semester, various laboratory experiments are offered for VEU students (6th semester).

The individual experiments are:

Measurement of humid air

The physical principles of measuring air humidity are presented. These different methods are carried out practically and the results obtained are compared and discussed.
Different stationary conditions are set on a cooling tower model and evaluated with the help of mass and energy balances.

Examination of an air conditioning system

Measurement of the supply air volume flow and calculation of the supply air mass flow, recording of the state changes in the supply air system and representation in the h,x diagram, drawing up of the air- and water-side energy balances and power calculation of the system units, determination of the scrubber humidification level, calculation of the heating or cooling capacity of the air conditioning system, energetic evaluation of various control strategies, introduction to the building management system.

Examination of a refrigerating machine

A water chiller operated with the refrigerant R513a is examined under different stationary conditions, whereby the speed of the compressor, the mass flow of the refrigerant and the use of a heat exchanger within the refrigerant circuit can be varied. The aim is to balance the individual units of the water cooling system and to apply the laws of circular processes. For the different states, the capacity of the evaporator, compressor and condenser, the capacity figure of the system, the internal efficiency of the compressor and the refrigerant mass flow are determined from the test results by balancing the evaporator and condenser.


Full climate control system consisting of:

  • Supply and exhaust air ventilators
  • Heat recovery circuit
  • Steam humidifier
  • Air washer
  • Pre-heater and re-heater
  • Cooler
  • Adiabatic exhaust air cooling
  • Supply modules for cooling and heat supply
  • Volume flow controllers
  • Building management system

Measurement technology in air conditioning

Compression refrigeration machine



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