Gezeigt ist ein Blick in das Milch- und Lebensmitteltechnikum der Hochschule Hannover mit Prozessanlagen zur Verarbeitung der Milch.

Milk and Food Technology Centre


In the Dairy and Food Technology Centre of the Department of Bioprocess Engineering, the technological and food process engineering practical courses for the Dairy Food Technology, Dairy and Packaging Industry degree courses take place. In addition, basic process engineering operations and the fundamentals of measurement and control technology are taught in practical exercises. A test kitchen with mixing, cooking, baking and cooling equipment is available for product development. In addition to teaching, the technical centre is used intensively for research projects.


Current research topics include the use of various filtration processes for the production of milk and whey concentrates as well as process control in spray drying for the specific influencing of powder properties.

Interesting techniques

Dynamic UF and cross-flow ultra-filtration of milk and whey

Equipment and membranes with different pore sizes are available for the filtration of liquid raw materials. Filtration can be carried out in both dynamic and cross-flow mode. The coupling of different filtration processes enables the production of customised concentrates with desired functional properties.

Das Bild zeigt die im Technikum vorhandenen Prozessanlagen zur dynamischen Ultrafiltration und Crossflow-Ultrafiltration von Milch und Molke.

Spray-drying tower for the production of milk and whey powder

The Smallscale spray dryer (type Anhydro MS-400) can be used to dry liquids such as milk, coffee extract and protein hydrolysates into powder at low temperature. The evaporation capacity is up to 14 kg/h at air temperatures of 200 °C at the inlet / 80 °C at the outlet. The plant operates in single-stage mode with a co-current dual-substance nozzle atomisation at the top of the drying chamber.

Test system for measurement and control technology

The system consists of a 60 l pressure vessel and state-of-the-art sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, flow rate and pH value. Demanding measuring and control tasks can be programmed and tested in practice. The two product pumps can be switched either in parallel or series operation.

Das Bild zeigt eine Versuchsanlage der Firma Bürkert mit 60 l Druckbehälter und modernster Mess- und Regeltechnik. Die Anlage steht im Milchtechnikum.


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