Spectroscopic measurement technology

Rapid methodology for laboratory and process line


This measurement technology is used in compulsory and elective courses:

The topics are in particular:

  • Investigation of vegetable oils
  • Investigation of plant fibres
  • Examination of essential oils

Focus points of work and research

Within the framework of research projects, the following topics have been and are being worked on:

  • Quantitative determination of ingredients in plant raw materials and foods (vegetable oils, vegetable oil fuels, honey, wood pellets, plant fibres, plant drugs, etc., milk and dairy products: Fat, protein, lactose content and dry matter).
  • Conformity assessment against specified standards (e.g. for packaging materials)
  • Feasibility studies (also for qualitative questions)

Interesting techniques

Mid-infrared spectroscopy on ATR crystal

Near-infrared spectroscopy in diffuse reflection and transmission

The team

Research assistant

Non-Public Person


Non-Public Person


  • Tensor from Bruker GmbH (IR-ATR spectrometer)
  • MPA of Bruker GmbH (NIR spectrometer)
  • Infratec grain analyser of Foss (NIR spectrometer)
  • Software Quant I and Quant II of Bruker
  • Various accessories (mills, drying ovens, balances)