Mechanical Engineering (MAB)

Have you always been interested in technology, but were initially overwhelmed by the wide range on offer? You do not need to worry. In the Mechanical Engineering degree course, you will first be trained as a generalist in the foundation course, before you can choose between two specialisations (general mechanical engineering and production systems) in the main course.

In general mechanical engineering, in addition to compulsory courses, you will have a broad education for all fields of activity, without being tied to a specific field, and you can also pursue your inclinations in one semester. You will find courses on robotics, combustion engines, turbines, pumps, process technology, materials handling technology, material flow technology, logistics, machine tools, etc. You will be able to develop or improve machines as well as control systems or regulations, carry out and analyse measurements on test benches or find your job in technical sales.

With regard to production systems, you will learn everything about production processes, their planning/simulation and the necessary machines and systems for the production and assembly of components for all areas of technology. This will also enable you to assess the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of production processes and to apply quality assurance methods.

Brief overview

  • Degree

    Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

  • Start of studies

    Summer and winter semester

  • Form of study


  • Admissions procedure

    free admission

  • Field of interest
  • Focal Themes
    • Allgemeiner Maschinenbau
    • Produktionssysteme
  • Pre-study internship

    10 wöchiges Praktikum bis zum Beginn des 3. Semesters
    Bitte achten Sie auf die Sonderregelungen während der Corona-Pandemie.

Main fields of study