Laboratory for mechatronics

Synergy of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology


As an interface between disciplines, Mechatronics today plays a central role in the design and manufacture of technical industrial products - from complex plants, control systems, drives and machines to the latest developments in nanotechnology.

In each semester, various laboratory experiments are offered for MTD students (6th semester dual).

The individual laboratory topics are:

  • Motor bearing with semi-active friction damping
  • Control of a servo drive
  • Identification of a two-rotor system
  • Simulation and control of elastic systems
  • System analysis and motion optimisation on the model of a control device

The students

  • get to know about mechatronics systems
  • analyse mechatronics systems and record characteristic properties using measurement techniques
  • work out advantages of mechatronics solutions
  • assess the complexity of mechatronics systems
  • formulate and independently solve simple mechatronics tasks
  • present results and solutions, interpret and present experimental results. 



Interesting techniques

Permanently excited synchronous machines (PMSM) are a preferred actuator for many demanding applications due to their compact design and high power density. In this test bench, a powerful real-time target enables the intervention and analysis of various sections of the drive control. Thus, known control methods can be analysed, but also novel algorithms for controlling the PMSM can be tested and evaluated.


  • Digital oscilloscope with current clamp and differential probe
  • Vibration measuring device
  • Servo drives with oscilloscope function for mechanical drive variables
  • Linear axes with switch cabinet
  • Semi-active motor bearing
  • Rotor system
  • Water test bench
  • Differential test bench


The team