BAföG consultation hours of Faculty II Mechanical Engineering / Dual Mechanical Engineering


  • The dates of the next BaföG consultation hours of Faculty II can be found on the information screens or on the notice board in the glass box near room 1E.0.42.

Registration by email is not necessary.


Contents of consultation hours:

• Preparation of certificates of achievement according to §48 BAfÖG (Form 5) as well as prognosis certificates

These consultation hours are not intended to provide advice on BAföG applications. For this purpose, please consult the BAföG office.


Essential documents:

• The form for the benefit certificate according to § 48 BAföG

• In addition, bring written proof (e.g. printouts of emails or similar) of examinations already passed that are not yet in the system.


Point limits for the positive certificate of achievement according to § 48 BAföG:

  •     70 ECTS after the third semester or
  •     100 ECTS after the fourth subject-related semester

Contact person

BAföG information of the Faculty II Bioprocessing Engineering